a can of baked beans for a coffee

Trade a can of food for a coffee

and support your local community

What is Locals?

Locals is a pop-up espresso bar supported by Caffe L'affare, where your love for coffee can be "paid" for with a can of food. Just trade a can for a coffee and we’ll donate all cans to local food banks.

How do I get involved?

Grab a Can

Dig out a can of food from your pantry, or even a few. Hopefully it’s something tasty!

Come on Down

Get on your bike (or feet) and meet us down at Locals, located in Auckland or Wellington.

Trade for a Coffee

Hand over the can to one of our friendly team and they will ensure you get an exceptional espresso coffee, and we'll ensure your can gets donated to people in need.

Locals In Action

Locals Auckland

Saturdays 9am – 11am
AKL Locals Finale 7 Dec 9am-12pm

13 Rose Road, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

Locals Wellington

WLG Locals Finale 7 Dec 9am-12pm

Caffe L’affare, 27 College Street, Wellington


Your love of coffee can now help those in need within your community.

An exciting new initiative is kicking off in Auckland and Wellington with the launch of “Locals” where members of the public can trade a can of food for an exceptional espresso coffee.

Locals is the brainchild of Brad Robinson, Oliver Johnston & Joshua Wong who are passionate about people and the community. Supported by fresh coffee roaster Caffe L'affare, Locals is the outworking of a shared vision to encourage local communities to give food to those in need through their love of coffee.

We are all about bettering the community and our “Can for a Coffee” concept helps you to do just that. It’s simple, exchange a can of food for your morning coffee. We’ll donate all canned goods, straight to the Auckland and Wellington City Missions.

Locals is a not-for-profit initiative. With their first partnering coffee roaster, Caffe L'affare, the pop up begins an exciting journey which the trio hopes will encourage other coffee roasters around the world to jump on board and create a ‘Locals’ of their own. For more information see canforacoffee.com

We Support

Every can traded will be donated to either the Auckland or Wellington City Mission Food Bank.

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